Quo Vadis (Blu-Ray) in March - SPECIAL 3 DAY PRICE

After mentioning the 2009 Blu-Ray release of Quo Vadis in July's press release for the SD version, **Warner** has announced a solid date of March 17th for Quo Vadis (Blu-Ray). It will retail for $28.99, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $23.99. However, for 3 days only (until December 7th), we'll have it for the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE of $19.98.

Extras are expected to be the same as on the SD version.

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Rome burns. Nero fiddles. Christianity rises. And moviegoers turned out in throngs for this years-in-the-making film colossus boasting eight Oscar nominations (including Best Picture) and featuring 110 speaking parts, 30,000 participants and a filmed-on-location panoply of marching legions, magisterial pageantry and massive spectacle that includes the martyrdom of Christians thrown to the lions before cheering Coliseum throngs. Robert Taylor plays the Legion commander whose love for a Christian slave girl (Deborah Kerr) crosses the divide between Empire and a sect with a higher loyalty. Presiding over all is Nero (Peter Ustinov). He is Caesar, madman, murderer - an imperial ruler of the spectacular, and spectacularly doomed, glory that was Rome.

  • Commentary by Critic and Film Historian F.X. Feeney
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • New Featurette In the Beginning: Quo Vadis and the Genesis of the Biblical Epic
Original Roadshow Overture and Exit Music Rejoined to the Film for the First Time in 56 Years

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