VCI: Gasoline Alley and Friends in February

**VCI** has announced a February 24th release date for Gasoline Alley and Friends. The two disc set will contain the 2 Scotty Beckett/Jimmy Lydon Gasoline Alley features, plus four programmers from around the same period.

The features are Gasoline Alley (1951) and Corky, of Gasoline Alley (1951). The programmers (the friends) are the last two Joe Sawyer/William Tracy service comedies, As You Were (1951) and Mr. Walkie Talkie (1952) and two Sid Melton comedies, Stop That Cab (1951) and Leave it to the Marines (1951). It will retail for $29.99, but is available at for only $19.99. Details below.

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Gasoline Alley (1951)
The popular Frank O. King comic strip characters go from newspaper page to screen in this 1951 feature from legendary comedy director Edward Bernds (of Three Stooges and Bowery Boys fame). Scotty Beckett and Jimmy Lydon are Corky and Skeezix, half-brothers who find themselves in the restaurant business until complications and some family conflicts arise.

As You Were (1951)
Oh, those Army daze--and nights! An infusion of WAC beauties adds to the fun when ex-G.I. "Dodo" Doubleday (William Tracy), now a hotel clerk, impresses Army brass with his memory, and considers going back into the military. But recruiting station sergeant Bill Ames (Joe Sawyer), remembering how Tracy jinxed him back in WWII days, begs him not to re-enlist!

Mr. Walkie Talkie (1952)
Joe Sawyer and William Tracy return in another wacky service comedy, Sawyer as the exasperated sergeant of a GI trainee (Tracy) who remembers everything he has ever heard. Their misadventures include reassignment to Korea, an enemy spy and the offer of a Congressional Medal of Honor for Sawyer—if he can control his temper long enough to get it!

Corky, of Gasoline Alley (1951)
How long can a cousin visit? That's the question for Corky (Scotty Beckett) when his wife's cousin (Gordon Jones) makes himself an unwanted houseguest, begins telling Wallet family members how to run their businesses, and blows up one of Corky's restaurant's ranges and one of Skeezix's (Jimmy Lydon) cars! Another entertaining comedy-drama for fans of the classic Frank O. King comic strip.

Stop That Cab
Babies and bandits spell trouble for Sid Melton, a bumbling Hollywood cabby whose night is filled with constant harassment from his wife (Iris Adrian), and whose fares include a radio quiz show contestant in search of a movie star, an expectant mother who is no longer expectant when she LEAVES his cab—and a gunman!

Leave it to the Marines (1951)
Quintessential schnook Sid Melton, looking for the license bureau so that he can marry his girl (Mara Lynn), instead stumbles upon a Marine recruiting office and ends up in uniform. Lynn reacts by joining the Women's Marine Corps. Between the two of them, they're the Howls of Montezuma and the Roars of Tripoli in this frantic service comedy.

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