Tales of Wells Fargo - Out Next Week

Tales of Wells Fargo
July 14th
Timeless Media
Retail: $69.98, Our: $39.99
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Timeless Media has Tales of Wells Fargo hitting the streets next week. The 6-disc set will be a "Best of" collection containing 46 episodes. The sole bonus feature, and a good one it is, is an interview with Dale Robertson. More details below.

It will retail for $69.98, but is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $39.99.

The 1950s ushered in the Golden Era of the TV Western, one of the most popular genres ever produced for the small screen. Every network had numerous westerns on the air, ranging from children's Saturday afternoon fare to adult prime time dramas. At on time over 32 hours of western entertainment were available on 3 networks! One of the most memorable of all, Tales of Wells Fargo, premiered on NBC Television in 1956, instantly rising to #3 in the ratings in its fist season.

When people think of Tales of Wells Fargo, images of rearing horses and blazing guns comes to mind, and of course, the one and only Dale Robertson as Agent Jim Hardie, troubleshooter for the Wells Fargo stage coach line. Not a typical heartthrob, Robertson managed to portray a rough and tough lawman and a gentle and sympathetic soul at the same time, winning over both male and female viewers with each exciting half-hour episode.

The Wells Fargo Stage Line played a heroic role in the history of the West, ferrying passengers and cargo from Missouri to California over a harsh and sometimes hostile land. in Tales of Wells Fargo, Agent Hardie faced weekly tests of will and character, as he protected the stage coaches from outlaws, bandits and Indian raiders, seeing them safely through their journey.

Each week, a great line-up of guest stars joined Robertson on the road west, including some of the best actors in hollywood. The list includes Chuck Connors (The Thin Rope), Lee van Cleef (Alder Gulch), Michael Landon (Sam Bass), Denver Pyle (Renegade Raiders), Jack Elam (The Hijackers) and one of Steve McQueen's first appearances on network TV (Bill Longley)!

In the tradition of its best selling releases of Wagon Train and Laredo, TMG and NBC Universal are proud to present the best of the first five seasons of Tales of Wells Fargo, 46 episodes of the very best in classic television westerns. So saddle up and hit the trail!

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