WARNER ARCHIVE: 13 More in Al Jolson / Elizabeth Taylor Wave

WBShop has just listed thirteen more Warner Archive titles as available for pre-order in what we're dubbing their Al Jolson / Elizabeth Taylor wave.

You can find them HERE in the Recent Additions section. There are six Jolson titles including The Singing Kid (1936) and Wonder Bar (1934) and four Taylor titles inlcuding Love is Better Than Ever (1952). The remaining three are It's a Big Country (1952), The Story of Mankind (1957) and Weekend at the Waldorf (1945).

All are now available for rent, but will be a couple of weeks before they are available for shipment.

NOTE: Mammy (1930) which we listed as released has been removed from Warner's site. We're still keeping it available as we expect for them to re-list it in the near future. Also listed briefly at WBShop yesterday, then pulled, was Rhapsody (1953) and The Story of Three Loves (1953). We haven't listed them yet, but will as soon as they're back up and available at Warner.

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