WWII Double Feature: Jungle Patrol & The Silent Raiders in August


WWII Double Feature
August 25th
Retail: $19.99, Our: $14.99
Jungle Patrol (1948), The Silent Raiders (1954)
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VCI has announced WWII Double Feature for release on August 25th. It will feature a couple of B's: Jungle Patrol (1948) and The Silent Raiders (1954) .

The single disc release will retail for $19.99, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $14.99. A bonus feature included is 60 minutes of actual combat footage.

Jungle Patrol (1948, 71 min.)
Machine-gun action and suspense are the backdrop of a love story in this tense tale of eight young USAF flyers stationed in World War II New Guinea. Their orders: to intercept Japanese bombers headed for Australian objectives. Their record: An amazing 100 percent. But with a heavy formation of Jap bombers now en route and our boys hopelessly outnumbered, it looks as though their unnatural luck is about to run out.

The Silent Raiders (1954, 65 min.)
Their assignment amounted to “kill or be killed”: During World War II, just prior to D-Day, a seven-man unit arrives on the French coast with orders to help wipe out a German communications center three miles inland. There’s suspense in the Steel Helmet tradition as the men attempt to hold the captured building against the enemy and their snipers.

  • 60 Minutes of Actual Combat Footage

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