The Manchurian Candidate (Blu-Ray) in May

The Manchurian Candidate (Blu-Ray) (1962)
May 10th
Retail: 19.99, Our: $15.99
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Announced a few weeks ago as an exclusive at Best Buy, MGM has now announced a general release for The Manchurian Candidate (Blu-Ray) on May 10th.

It will retail for $19.99, but is available at for only $15.99.

NOTE: Because we picked up some from Best Buy it is currently available for rent.

Eerie, shocking, daring, thrilling and mesmerizing, The Manchurian Candidate "will leave you breathless" (People)! Featuring an all-star cast, including Angela Lansbury in an Oscar-nominated performance, this "chilling and controversial" (Leonard Maltin) film "may be the most sophisticated political satire ever made" (Pauline Kael).

When a platoon of Korean War G.I.s is captured, they somehow end up at a ladies' garden club party. Or do they? Major Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) can't remember. As he searches for the answer, he discovers threads of a diabolical plot orchestrated by the utterly ruthless Mrs. Iselin (Lansbury) and involving her war hero son (Laurence Harvey), her senator husband (James Gregory) and a secret cabal of enemy leaders.

  • Interview with Frank Sinatra, George Axelrod and John Frankenheimer
  • Audio Commentary by John Frankenheimer
  • "Queen of Diamonds" featurette with Angela Lansbury
  • "A Little Solitaire" featurette with William Friedkin
  • How to Get Shot
  • Original theatrical trailer

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