TCM VAULT PRE-CODE: The Song of Songs, This Is the Night in May


Pre-Code Double Feature (TCM Vault)
May 2nd
The Song of Songs (1933), This Is the Night (1932)

More Universal owned titles, via TCM's Vault line, are on their way as a Pre-Code Double Feature is now up for pre-order at and is set to release on May 2nd.

The likely two-disc set features The Song of Songs (1933) with Marlene Dietrich, Brian Aherne and Lionel Atwill; and Cary Grant's feature debut This Is the Night (1932) starring Lili Damita, Charles Ruggles, Roland Young and Thelma Todd.

And while this set may be exclusive to TCM, nowhere else will these films be available to rent except at Put them in your rental queue now and they will be available for shipment in early May.

Before the industry's strict "Production Code" was enforced in 1934, screen censorship standards were more permissive in Hollywood than any other time until the late sixties, allowing for explicit taboo subject matter. Known today as the "Pre-Code" period, movies made between 1929 and mid-1934 capture some of the most decadent and intriguing filmmaking ever to hit the screen. Paired here together for the first time are two key "Pre-Code" classics.

The Song of Songs (1933)
Starring one of Hollywood's most glamorous screen legends, Marlene Dietrich, The Song of Songs is the story of Lily, a beautiful but naive peasant girl who is lured into posing as a nude model for aspiring sculptor Richard (Brian Aherne). Their working relationship quickly develops into a passionate love affair but, unable to commit himself to marriage, Richard abandons Lily and she is forced to marry a lecherous baron (Lionel Atwill) who has bribed her aunt.

This Is the Night (1932)
Featuring Cary Grant in his screen debut, This is the Night is a sparkling comedy of innuendo and amorous infidelity. Claire (Thelma Todd) plots to rendezvous with her lover Gerald (Roland Young) in Venice for the weekend. When her husband Stephen (Grant) returns home unexpectedly, plans are hastily rearranged for a group outing joined by Gerald's pal Bunny (Charlie Ruggles) and Germaine (Lily Damita), a penniless woman hired to pose as Gerald's wife. Soon, Germaine finds herself ardently pursued by all three men while Claire tries to hide her jealousy.

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