TCM VAULT: Audie Murphy Westerns Collection in June


Audie Murphy Westerns Collection (TCM Vault)
June 6th
Sierra (1950), Ride Clear of Diablo (1954), Drums Across the River (1954), Ride a Crooked Trail (1958)

More Audie Murphy has been the call, and Universal has heard it loud and clear with the scheduled D-Day release of their Audie Murphy Westerns Collection.

Owned by Universal, and released via TCM's Vault line, this set is now up for pre-order at

The likely four-disc set features:

  • Sierra (1950) - Wanda Hendrix, Burl Ives, Dean Jagger, Richard Rober, Tony Curtis
  • Ride Clear of Diablo (1954) - Susan Cabot, Dan Duryea
  • Drums Across the River (1954) - Walter Brennan, Hugh O'Brian, Jay Silverheels, Regis Toomey, Bob Steele
  • Ride a Crooked Trail (1958) - Gia Scala, Walter Matthau, Henry Silva
And while this set may be exclusive to TCM, nowhere else will these films be available to rent except at Put them in your rental queue now and they will be available for shipment in early June.


The most decorated American soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy parlayed his heroic exploits on the battlefield into a successful film career in Hollywood. His handsome, boyish appearance and shy, soft-spoken manner made him an appealing and uniquely different kind of action hero which provided an intriguing contrast to his athletic skill and quiet intensity.

While Murphy was lauded for his fine performances in John Huston's The Red Badge of Courage (1951) and his own film autobiography To Hell and Back (1955), the actor's real claim to fame was his convincing embodiment as a movie archetype - the strong, resilient man of the West.

Of the 44 films that he made, more than half of them were westerns. The Audie Murphy Westerns Collection presents four of his best entries in this popular genre, each digitally remastered.

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