OLIVE: The Atomic City in August

The Atomic City (1952)
August 30th
Olive Films
Retail: 24.95, Our: $17.99
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Olive Films has announced an August 30th release date for The Atomic City (1952). It stars Gene Barry, Lydia Clarke, Michael Moore, Nancy Gates, Lee Aaker and Milburn Stone.

Retail will be $24.95, but it is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $17.99. Bonus features are not expected.

Nuclear physicist Frank Addison (Gene Barry, The War of the Worlds) and his wife are living every parent’s worst nightmare: their son Tommy (Lee Aaker, TV’s The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin) has been kidnapped. The kidnapper’s ransom demands are the secrets behind the H-bomb!

The desperate scramble to rescue Tommy unfolds at a rapid pace in The Atomic City… from the streets of Los Angeles to cliff dwelling of Santa Fe; the real-life locations provide the vivid backdrops for this taut and suspenseful thriller.

Director Jerry Hopper (Pony Express) makes his feature film debut.


  1. In a strange coincidence, this afternoon I listed "The Atomic City" as a favourite Cold War movie on an IMDb thread!

  2. Funny how those things can happen...