WARNER ARCHIVE: 10 in The Saint, Drama Wave

Following four weeks of minimal output, Warner has announced 10 more titles this week over at WBShop in a wave that features The George Sanders Saint Collection, as well as numerous dramas, most of the weepie variety.

It is unknown how many discs, although likely three, The Saint Collection will have, but the five films are: The Saint Strikes Back, The Saint in London, The Saint's Double Trouble, The Saint Takes Over and The Saint in Palm Springs.

Two Carole Lombard films are part of the pack: In Name Only (1939) with Cary Grant, Kay Francis and Charles Coburn; and Vigil in the Night (1940) with Brian Aherne and Anne Shirley. As are two Irene Dunne films: If I Were Free (1933) with Clive Brook; and Symphony of Six Million (1932) with Ricardo Cortez.

And not a slouch in the rest of the bunch either:

All 10 titles can also be found HERE in the Recent Additions section.

They are now available for rent at ClassicFlix, but may be approximately four weeks before they are available for shipment.

These new DVDs bring the total Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com to 674.

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