Treasures 5: The West, 1898 - 1938 in September

Treasures 5: The West, 1898 - 1938
September 27th
Image Entertainment
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Image Entertainment has announced a September 27th release date for Treasures 5: The West, 1898 - 1938. Among the 40 selections are Clara Bow in Mantrap; W.S. Van Dyke's The Lady of the Dugout; and one-reelers from Tom Mix, Broncho Billy and Mabel Normand.

The 3-disc set includes 23 commentaries and an illustrated catalog. Retail will be $59.98, but it is available at for only $41.99.

Treasures 5 presents the American West as it was recorded and imagined in the first decades of motion pictures. Among the 40 selections are Mantrap (1926), the wilderness comedy starring Clara Bow in her favorite role; W.S. Van Dyke’s legendary The Lady of the Dugout (1918), featuring outlaw-turned-actor Al Jennings; Salomy Jane (1914); Gregory La Cava’s sparkling Old West–reversal Womanhandled (1925); Sessue Hayakawa in the cross-cultural drama Last of the Line (1914); one-reelers with Tom Mix and Broncho Billy, Mabel Normand in The Tourists (1912), and dozens of other rarities.

Treasures 5 showcases both narrative and nonfiction films. In addition to early Westerns, fascinating actuality films abound: travelogues from 10 Western states including Seeing Yosemite with David A. Curry and the Fred Harvey Company’s The Indian-detour; Kodachrome home movies; newsreels about Native Americans; and documentaries and industrial films about such Western subjects as cattle ranching in Santa Monica, riding the rails along the Columbia River, how vaqueros made horsehair ropes, the birth of the canned fruit industry, and the beginning of the water wars. There are even vivid docudramas by crime-fighting lawmen: Bill Tilghman restaging his capture of the Wild Bunch and a Texas sheriff reliving his fight against ammunition smuggling on the Mexican border. For full list of films, click here.

The motion pictures are drawn from the preservation work of the nation's foremost early film archives―the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, George Eastman House, the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Archives, and UCLA Film & Television Archive—and include movies recently repatriated from the New Zealand Film Archive. Many of the films have not been screened in decades. None has been available before in high-quality video.

  • Audio commentary by 23 experts
  • Illustrated catalog with film credits and essays
  • More than 400 interactive screens
  • Newly recorded music
  • The Tourists (1912, 6 min.) Mabel Normand runs amuck in Albuquerque’s Indian market.
  • The Sergeant (1910, 16 min.) First surviving narrative shot in Yosemite.
  • Salomy Jane (1914, 87 min.) Gold Rush tale with Beatriz Michelena.
  • Sunshine Gatherers (1921, 10 min.) Canning California fruit, in Prizmacolor.
  • Deschutes Driftwood (1916, 10 min.) Riding the rails along the Deschutes and Columbia rivers.
  • “Promised Land” Barred to Hoboes (1936, 2 min.)
  • Last of the Line (1914, 26 min.) Cross-cultural tragedy, with Sessue Hayakawa.
  • The Indian-detour (1924, 16 min.) In the Southwest on a Fred Harvey Company motor tour.
  • Native American in Newsreels (1921–1938, 5 min.) Indians Invade Nation’s Capitol and 4 other stories.
  • We Can Take It (1935, 21 min.) Civilian Conservation Corps at work.
  • Over Silent Paths (1910, 16 min.) Daughter avenges her father’s murder.
  • Life on the Circle Ranch in California (1912, 12 min.) Cattle ranching in Santa Monica.
  • Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress (1912, 14 min.) America’s first cowboy star courts a pistol-packing schoolmarm.
  • How the Cowboy Makes His Lariat (1917, 3 min.) Pedro Leon demonstrates the vaquero’s art.
  • Mexican Filibusters (1911, 16 min.) Intrepid woman does her bit for the Mexican Revolution.
  • The Better Man (1912, 12 min.) Mexican bandit proves his worth.
  • Ammunition Smuggling on the Mexican Border (1914, 41 min.) Texas sheriff reenacts kidnapping by revolutionists.
  • Lake Tahoe, Land of the Sky (1916, 6 min.) Travelogue celebrating the new auto road.
  • Mantrap (1926, 71 min.) Wilderness comedy with Clara Bow and a woman-hating attorney.
  • From the Golden West (1938, 8 min.) Oil wells, drive-ins, and more in Kodachrome home movies.
  • Lady of the Dugout (1918, 64 min.) Al Jennings plays himself as a bank robber with a heart of gold.
  • From Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw (1915, 13 min.) Bill Tilghman reenacts his capture of the Wild Bunch.
  • The Girl Ranchers (1913, 14 min.) Comedy in which sisters inherit the Rough Neck Ranch.
  • Legal Advice (1916, 13 min.) Tom Mix falls for a lady attorney.
  • Womanhandled (1925, 55 min.) Sparkling Gregory La Cava in which a modern ranch poses as the Old West to fool New Yorkers.
  • Beauty Spots in America: Castle Hot Springs, Arizona (1916, 6 min.) Spa for the rich and famous.
  • Romance of Water (1931, 10 min.) How L.A. got its water.
  • A New Miracle in the Desert (1935, 1 min.) Bringing Colorado River water to California.
  • The West in Promotional Travelogues (1898–1920, 22 min.) Tours in 7 states, including Seeing Yosemite with David A. Curry.

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