The Essential Daffy Duck in November

The Essential Daffy Duck
November 1st
Retail: $26.99, Our: $20.99
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More Daffy is on the way with the announcement of The Essential Daffy Duck set for release on November 1st.

Retail is $26.99, but it's available at for only $20.99. Shorts are listed below. Bonus features, if any, are unavailable.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This title will only be available for purchase as it appears the only new-to-DVD classic cartoon in this set is Daffy's debut in Porky's Duck Hunt. In addition, every title on disc 2 is modern-era Daffy.


  • Porky’s Duck Hunt
  • Daffy Duck And Egghead
  • The Daffy Doc
  • Plane Daffy
  • The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
  • Nasty Quacks
  • Book Revue
  • Duck Amuck
  • Duck Dodgers In The 24th 1/2 Century
  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel
  • My Little Duckaroo
  • A Star Is Bored
  • Deduce You Say
  • Ali Baba Bunny
  • Robin Hood Daffy
  • Daffy Duck Show Opening.
  • Duck Dodgers & The Return Of 24th 1/2 Century (80s Chuck Jones Short)
  • The Duxorcist (Helppie Short)
  • Night Of The Living Duck (80s Greg Ford)
  • Duck Dodgers Jr. (Tiny Tunes Episode)
  • Superior Duck (90s Chuck Jones Short)
  • Attack Of The Drones (2000 Larry Doyle Short)
  • Duck Dodgers Tv 22 Minute Episode

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