Porky and Friends - Hilarious Ham in November

Porky and Friends - Hilarious Ham
November 6th
Warner Bros.
Retail: $19.98, Our: $15.99
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Porky Pig gets his own Looney Tunes Super Stars release with the November 6th street date of Porky and Friends - Hilarious Ham.

The single disc release will offer several previously unreleased Porky toons.

Retail price is $19.98, and our price is only $15.99. Bonus features are not expected.

He may be short, pink and pants-less, but when it comes to animated superstardom, Porky Pig proves: the sty’s the limit! Now, remastered to pristine, make-your-eyeballs-bug-out condition, these 18 landmark Looney Toons spotlight Porky and pals in a plentitude of porcine cartoon perfection, including Pilgrim Porky's half-baked attempt to put duck on his Thanksgiving menu (Tom Turk and Daffy), followed by Porky as a wildly wacky wagon train scout (Wagon Heels).

Then, there’s Porky’s ham-handed scheme to thwart a ravenous rodent with a robot cat (Mouse Menace), and our piggy protagonist as a clueless cop trying to evict vagrant Daffy from his department store digs (Riff Raffy Daffy). And th-th-th that’s not all folks! There’s further fun afoot with Porky, Elmer Fudd, Bunny and Claude and more in these swine-sational classics from animation’s Golden Age!

Shorts in this set:
  • Tom Turk and Daffy
  • Wagon Heels
  • Mouse Menace
  • One Meat Brawl
  • Nothing But the Tooth Curtain Razor
  • The Pest That Came to Dinner
  • Riff Raffy Daffy
  • Boobs in the Woods
  • Dog Collared
  • Thumb Fun
  • Fool Coverage
  • Corn on the Cop
  • Corn Plastered
  • Gone Batty
  • Ant Pasted
  • Dog Gone People
  • Bunny and Claude
  • The Great Carrot-Train Robbery


  1. The back of the cover on other sites mentions "Curatin Razor" and not "Nothing but the Tooth". Do you have other infos?

  2. You are correct. The back cover does show "Curatin Razor" and not "Nothing but the Tooth".

    We were going based on text from WB's press release. We'll make the change accordingly as back cover's are more reliable than press releases.