TCM: Directed by Billy Wilder - Five Graves to Cairo & A Foreign Affair


Directed by Billy Wilder (TCM Vault)
October 16th
Five Graves to Cairo (1943), A Foreign Affair (1948)

Universal is coming out with a 2-disc Billy Wilder set on October 16th.

Directed by Billy Wilder will contain Five Graves to Cairo (1943) and A Foreign Affair (1948) and should also have all the bonus features usually associtated with the TCM Vault line.

Available exclusively for purchase at, this set will be available for rent here at ClassicFlix and nowhere else! Details below.
The 1940s marked an important transition in Billy Wilder's career, one that saw him emerge as one of Hollywood's most talented writer/directors with a double Oscar win for 1946's The Lost Weekend (Best Director, Best Screenplay).

Presented for the first time on DVD, restored and remastered, this double feature is reflective of Wilder’s astringent wit, piercing intelligence and attraction to controversial subject matter that yielded some of his finest work during this decade.

Five Graves to Cairo (1942)
In this wartime espionage thriller, a British corporal goes undercover to infiltrate Field Marshall Rommel’s command and expose his plans to the Allies.

A Foreign Affair (1947)
The delightfully cynical comedy follows a prim Congresswoman who gets caught up in the decadence and black market world of post-war Berlin to often comic effect.

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  1. FINALLY. I've seen both of these before (and am going through all of Wilder's movies for my blog), and I can't believe it took this long for these movies to arrive on DVD!