COLUMBIA CLASSICS: Westerns & Suspense in New Wave

Westerns and suspense-thrillers are the theme for Sony's newest wave as they have announced seven new Columbia Classic DVDs for release on Ocober 2nd. They are:

  • The 49th Man (1953) - John Ireland, Richard Denning, Suzanne Dalbert, Robert Foulk, Mike Connors
  • Appointment in Berlin (1943) - George Sanders, Marguerite Chapman, Onslow Stevens, Gale Sondergaard
  • Avenging Waters (1936) - Ken Maynard, Beth Marion, Ward Bond, John Elliott, Hal Taliaferro
  • Duel on the Mississippi (1955) - Lex Barker, Patricia Medina, Warren Stevens, Craig Stevens, John Dehner
  • Golden Hawk (1952) - Sterling Hayden, Rhonda Fleming, Helena Carter, John Sutton, Paul Cavanagh
  • Masterson of Kansas (1954) - George Montgomery, Nancy Gates, James Griffith, Jean Willes, Benny Rubin
  • The Phantom Stagecoach (1956) - William Bishop, Kathleen Crowley, Richard Webb, Hugh Sanders, John Doucette
Experiment in Terror (1962) and The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956) which have long been out of print on standard DVD, have also been announced as future MOD releases.

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