PRICE UPDATE: Maverick - The Complete Second Season


Pricing on the previosly announced Maverick - The Complete Second Season will indeed be $39.98 retail. It is available here at for only $31.99.

Pricing info will probably follow shortly, but this morning Warner Bros. announced Maverick - The Complete Second Season for release on April 23rd.

The 6-disc set will likely retail for the same $39.98, and when word comes we'll pass it along. For rental members, it is available to put in your rental queue immediately.

For fans of classic TV Westerns such as Cheyenne, Bonanza and Gunsmoke, Maverick - The Complete Second Season comes to DVD!

James Garner stars as a card shark travelling the Old West with a sense of humor and a knack for getting into trouble. Wisecracking ladies’ man Bret Maverick (Garner) and his more serious brother Bart (Jack Kelly) – two handsome bachelors on the loose in the Wild West – have more success at the game of poker than the game of love.

Yet they keep trying their luck in one frontier outpost after another. Though cardsharps Bret and Bart would just as soon slip out of town quietly as face a gunman, when it’s time for a showdown, don’t bet against a Maverick!

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