WARNER ARCHIVE: Great Gildersleeve Collection, Dawn Patrol (1930)

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve finally gets some DVD love as The Great Gildersleeve Movie Collection is being released via Warner's Archive Collection,

The two disc set features four Gildersleeve starring vehicles (The Great Gildersleeve, Gildersleeve's Bad Day, Gildersleeve on Broadway and Gildersleeve's Ghost), plus Seven Day's Leave (1942) in which he supports Lucille Ball and Victor Mature (who coincidentally would be 100 today if he were still alive).

Also out is Howard Hawk's talkie debut The Dawn Patrol (1930). It stars Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, and features Neil Hamilton, Frank McHugh, Clyde Cook and James Finlayson.

Both will be available here at ClassicFlix on February 26th.

These new DVDs add to the total of over 1,100 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at ClassicFlix.com.

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