Sylvester and Hippety Hopper - Looney Tunes Super Stars in April

Sylvester & Hippety Hopper (Looney Tunes Super Stars)
April 23rd
Warner Bros.
Retail: $19.98, Our: $15.99
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Warner Bros. has announced an April 23rd release date for Sylvester & Hippety Hopper (Looney Tunes Super Stars).

The single disc release will feature all 13 Sylvester/Hippety shorts plus five bonus Sylvester cartoons. 17 of the 18 are new-to-DVD.

It will retail for 19.98, but is available at for only $15.99.

From the moment they teamed up, the endlessly-persistent Sylvester J. Pussycat, Sr. and the hyperactive young kangaroo Hippety Hopper would go on to became one of Warner Bros. most reliably hilarious animated duos. Now, together for the first time on DVD, it’s the best of the failure-prone feline and spring-loaded little marsupial in 18 classic cartoons re-mastered to all their Golden-Age-of-Animation glory!

Featuring 17 shorts never-before-seen on DVD, these timeless cat vs “giant mouse” gems include Sylvester’s riotous pursuit of Hippety after the ‘roo escapes the zoo in Hop, Look and Listen, Sylvester’s hapless attempts to impress his son Sylvester, Jr. in Pop ‘Im Pop! and the acclaimed Hoppy-Go-Lucky, a brilliant send-up of John Steinbeck’s classic Of Mice and Men. And that’s just the beginning of the bounding, bouncing, cat-confounding fun in this cartoon cornucopia from the heyday of Warner Bros. animation!

  • Hop, Look an Listen
  • Hippety Hopper
  • Pop ‘im Pop!
  • Who's Kitten Who?
  • Hoppy-Go-Lucky
  • Cats Aweigh!
  • Bell Hoppy
  • Lighthouse Mouse
  • Too Hop to Handle
  • Slap-Hoppy Mouse
  • Mouse-Taken Identity
  • Hoppy Daze
  • Freudy Cat
  • Cat's Paw
  • Fish and Slips
  • Birds of a Father
  • Claws in the Lease
  • Goldimouse and the Three Cats

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