Affair in Trinidad & The Garment Jungle in September

**Sony** has announced a September 23rd release date for Affair in Trinidad (1952) and The Garment Jungle (1957). No additional details yet, but each DVD will retail for $19.94, and is available at for only $14.99. Details below.

Affair in Trinidad (1952)
A murder investigation sparks a passionate affair between a dancer and her new found love. Affair in Trinidad reunites the screen-scorching team of Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in this romantic spy drama of international intrigue and sizzling sensuality. Hayworth stars as Chris Emery, a sexy, hip-grinding dancer who works in a Trinidad dive owned by her husband. When he's murdered by an international spy (Alexander Scourny), Chris' life is turned upside down, especially when the police draw her into the investigation. When Glenn Ford, who plays her brother-in-law Steve, arrives in town the two are drawn deeper into the mystery and ultimately, into each other's arms. Fans of Rita Hayworth's dancing will find Affair in Trinidad a dream come true. Her very first scene includes a wild, uninhibited tropical dance to calypso music. Later in the picture, at a fashionable party, Rita suddenly steams things up with a sultry, sophisticated dance which devotees of hot rhythm will devour. The scenes between Ford and Hayworth are magical. The promise provided by the original movie poster, " She's back! With that man from Gilda!," proved to be all the original film audiences needed to make Affair in Trinidad a hit that even out-grossed Gilda at the box office by a million dollars.

Starring: Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford

The Garment Jungle (1957)
Mathews, a Korean war veteran joins his widowed father's garment company and learns his father, played by Cobb, is in love, and that he must pay "protection money" to a union-busting thug. The son tries to get the father to change his mind about unions, but Cobb won't listen to him. This leads to disastrous consequences.

Starring: Lee J. Cobb, Kerwin Mathews, Gia Scala, Richard Boone, Valerie French, Harold J. Stone and Adam Williams.

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