KINO: The Man on the Eiffel Tower in September

**Kino** has announced a September 16th release date for The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949). With several PD prints in circulation, the UCLA Film & Television Archive has restored this version from two nitrate projection prints -- the only 35mm color copies known to survive. The single disc DVD will retail for $24.95, but can be purchased here at for only $17.99. No details on Bonus Features yet.

Based on a novel by acclaimed writer Georges Simenon, The Man on the Eiffel Tower is a gleefully sinister romp through the City of Lights climaxing in a spectacular scene on the city s most famous landmark. The film follows Inspector Maigret (Charles Laughton) as he investigates a brutal killing that implicates a ne er-do-well playboy (Robert Hutton), a psychotic medical student (Franchot Tone), and a humble knife-sharpener (Burgess Meredith). Featuring a dark, droll script by journeyman screenwriter Harry Brown (A Place in the Sun), The Man on the Eiffel Tower is livened by cinematography by Stanley Cortez (Night of the Hunter) that captures late 40s Paris in the dark, moody palette of the Ansco Color process. The film was begun under the direction of producer Irving Allen. Laughton was so dissatisfied with Allen s work that three days into the shoot he threatened to quit unless Meredith (Rocky) be permitted to take control. Thus did the seasoned character actor land the most unexpected role of his career: director.

NOTE: The Man on the Eiffel Tower was photographed on ANSCO Reversal film, an early single strip color process, and no original elements exist today. The film has been preserved from two nitrate projection prints, the only 35mm color copies known to survive. It's been restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive in collaboration with the Library of Congress.

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