Mister Peepers - Season 2 in November

**S'More Entertainment** has announced Mister Peepers - Season 2 for release on November 11th. It will retail for $39.98, but is available at Classicflix.com for only $29.99. Wally Cox (who may be best known as the voice of Underdog) stars along with Tony Randall and Jack Warden in this early 50's sitcom. Details below.

Wally Cox, as Mr. Peepers, plays a shy science teacher at "Jefferson Junior High". But what makes Mr. Peepers so unique that although he seems to be mild mannered, easily bullied, baffled and befuddled by every day life, he had the strength of his convictions to insure his life was fulfilled and that no matter what, he prevailed Because of that, he became an "every man", a man we could identify with, someone we could aspire to be like. The fact he put others before himself, that he genuinely cared about his students and those around him, including his sister and mother, despite the obstacles life constantly put before him, he always prevailed, even to the extent that the series ends with him marrying the girl of his dreams. Includes all 26 episodes in Season 2 including the commercials, which were done live.

  • Interview with Tony Randall about his experiences on Mister Peepers produced by the Television Academy
  • Short film explaining what a kinescope is and how they're made
  • Footage of creator David Swift accepting the Peabody Award for the series
  • Episode from the TV series Suspense entitled "Murderer's Meeting" featuring Wally Cox with Jackie Cooper and Mildred Natwick

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