The Little Rascals - Complete Collection in October

Many have waited years, and thought this day would never come. So KUDOS to **Genius Products** for putting together the upcoming The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection.

On October 28th, 80 REMASTERED, RESTORED and UNCUT shorts from 1929 to the end of the Hal Roach era (mid -1938) will make their debut in chronological order. Most have never been on DVD and some haven't been seen anywhere for decades, but now Spanky, Alfalfa and all the Gang will be there for all to see at the touch of a remote.

This superb 8-disc DVD set will retail for $89.95, but is available at for only $59.99. Extras include three silent "Our Gang" shorts, introductions on every disc, 5 commentaries and featurettes with surviving "Rascals" (Unfortunately sans Jackie Cooper and Edith Fellows). COMPLETE DETAILS HERE.

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