Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's, Vol. 1 in May

Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's, Vol. 1
May 19th
Retail $26.99, Our: $20.99
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Warner has announced a May 19th release date for Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's, Vol. 1. 12 shows in all spread over 2 discs.

It will retail for $26.99, but is available at for only $20.99. No word on bonus features. Episode details below.

This collection of some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons of the 1960's will take you back to those early Saturday mornings sitting in front of the T.V., cereal in hand and clad in pajamas, relive those great moments in this fantastic new collection.

  • Top Cat: Hawaii, Here We Come / The Maharajah of Pookerjee
  • Atom Ant: Up & Atom
  • Quick Draw McGraw: Scarie Prairie / Bad Guys Disguise
  • Wally Gator: Droopy Dragon
  • Secret Squirrel: Sub Swiper
  • The Porky Pig Show: Often an Orphan / Mice Follies / The Super Snooper
  • The Bugs Bunny Show: Rabbit Every Monday / A Mouse Divided / Tree for Two /Putty Tat Trouble / Wise Quackers / Speedy Gonzales
  • Jetsons: Rosey the Robot
  • Marine Boy: The Green Monsters
  • Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Heat Thing / The Worm People / Zorak
  • Tom & Jerry Show: No Way, Stowaways / Ski Bunny / Stay Awake or Else
  • Magilla Gorilla: Big Game

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