Sergeant Preston of the Yukon - Season 1 in March

What: Sergeant Preston of the Yukon - Season 1
When: March 17th
Studio: Infinity Entertainment
Price: Retail $39.98, Our: $29.99
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Infinity Entertainment Group has announced a March 17th release date for Sergeant Preston of the Yukon - Season 1. Previously released by Critics Choice in 2006, a complete series set had been in the works from Infinity for the last year-and-a-half, but did not come to fruition.

The full color 5 disc set will retail for $39.98, but is available at for only $29.99. No word on bonus features or if the elements represent an improvement over Critics' release.

From 1955 to1958, family entertainment on Thursday nights revolved around the beloved, action-packed television series Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. Each week, the brave Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, along with his lead sled dog Yukon King and trusted horse Rex, embarked on another thrilling adventure, thwarting evildoers in the northern Alaskan wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. Now you can own all 33 episodes of the first season of this classic color television show, digitally remastered for unparalleled picture and audio quality, in this special edition collector's set.

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon starred Richard Simmons as Sergeant Preston, who first joined the Mounties in order to capture his father's killer. A dashing figure in red uniform and broad-brimmed hat, Sergeant Preston, under the command of Inspector Conrad and frequently accompanied by his loyal French-Canadian guide Pierre, single handedly tackled the rogues and scoundrels who mercilessly preyed upon the peace loving settlers and gold miners who came to call the frozen wilderness home.

The series was based on the long running radio series Challenge of the Yukon, which aired nationally from Detroitï¾’s innovative, independent radio station WXYZ, 1938-1955, owned by George W. Trendle, who was also the inspiration and driving force behind such popular radio shows as The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet. The television series was filmed on location, shot primarily in Colorado where the snowy surroundings and breathtaking scenery gave the show an authentic appeal. With characters and conflicts around every bend, Sergeant Preston heroically prevailed by the end of each episode, issuing the familiar proclamation, Well, King, this case is closed, and solidifying for all time that the Mounties always get their man. So saddle up and add this iconic and nostalgic series to your DVD collection today!

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