Suspense - The Lost Episodes, Vol. 3 in March

What: Suspense - The Lost Episodes, Vol. 3
When: March 17th
Studio: Infinity Entertainment
Price: Retail $39.98, Our: $29.99 $24.98
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Infinity Entertainment Group has announced a March 17th release date for Suspense - The Lost Episodes, Vol. 3. This set of the early TV anthology series boasts terrific stars and is the last of three volumes in what were previously thought lost episodes.

Great guest stars include: Boris Karloff, James Whitmore, Thomas Mitchell, Hume Cronyn, Jayne Meadows, Ward Bond, Dennis O'Keefe, Jack Warden, Walter Matthau, Walter Slezak, Jackie Cooper, Lloyd Bridges, Patricia Hitchcock, Eddie Albert, Keenan Wynn, George Reeves & Paul Stewart.

It will retail for $39.98, but is available at for only $29.99. However, for 4 days only (until January 25th), we'll have it for the SPECIAL LOW PRE-ORDER PRICE of $24.98. Details below.

Suspense, an anthology drama featuring stories of mystery and the macabre, was broadcast live from New York over the CBS Television Network beginning in 1949 and continued until 1954. Many top stars of Hollywood and Broadway appeared on Suspense including Paul Newman, Boris Karloff, Rod Steiger, John Forsythe, Brian Keith, Chester Morris, Leslie Nielsen, Hume Cronyn, Eva Gabor, Lloyd Bridges, Jackie Cooper, Jack Palance, Jack Klugman, George Reeves and Lee Marvin. Before moving to television it had been a fixture on the CBS Radio Network since 1942 (where it remained for 20 years) winning a Peabody Award and special citation from the Mystery Writers of America. The television version successfully created the atmosphere of its radio predecessor by using the same opening announcement -- "And now, a tale well calculated to keep you in … Suspense!" -- accompanied by the familiar Bernard Herrmann theme played on a Hammond organ. Suspense was originally aired LIVE. It was never rerun in syndication so it has not been seen since its live run! In association with CBS Enterprises, Falcon Picture Group and Infinity Entertainment has recently uncovered 90 television episodes (that, until recently, were thought to be lost) of Suspense, direct from filmed kinescope masters. Collection 3 offers 30 of these 90 episodes, so be sure to look for Collection 1 and Collection 2, offering the other 60 episodes!


Post Mortem – originally televised 5-10-49
Starring Sydney Blackmer, Peggy Conklin, Richard Coogan, Julian Noa
A man dies of mysterious circumstances leaving his doctor and widow as beneficiaries. When the widow and doctor marry shortly thereafter, the insurance company sends a man to investigate.

Yellow Scarf – originally televised 6-7-49
Starring Boris Karloff, Felicia Montealegre, Russell Collins, Douglas Watson
In late 19th century London, an older gentleman invites a pretty drunken woman in for shelter. He offers her a job as a house servant, and eventually marries her. Eventually she becomes very lonely and takes a lover. In a tremendous lapse of judgment, she invites him to dinner, while wearing the yellow scarf he gave her.

Goodbye New York – originally televised 11-8-49
Starring Meg Mundy
A woman comes home and interrupts her husband’s suicide attempt. They are down on their luck and desperate. One night he goes out to confront his former employer who owes him back pay, and ends up killing him. As they attempt to flee, the police are hot on their heels.

Death at the Stock Car Races – originally televised 6-21-63
James Whitmore, Vic Morrow and Tommy Linden
A stock car racer desperately in need of prize money and past his prime is up against some young blood.

The Case of Lady Sannox – originally televised 12-27-49
Starring Stella Adler, Henry Brandon
Lady Sannox is having an indiscreet affair with a young doctor. All are aware of the romance, except her husband. The two hatch a sinister plan to murder him so they in turn can be married.

The Bomber Command – originally televised 1-10-50
Starring George Reeves, Susan Douglas, Joseph Hollard, Edward S. Brice, Robert Gallagher
Three friends get together in a drunken celebration on New Year’s Eve in reunion or their adventures together during the war. When the host’s daughter is kidnapped, they rally together to track her down.

One Thousand Dollars To One For Your Money
– originally televised 4-4-50
Starring Paul Stewart, Bette Garde, Robert Harris, Cara Williams, Anna Minot, Harold Stone
A man hires a gumshoe through his secretary. When the detective follows up to meet the man to discuss the case, he finds him lying on his sofa with his neck broken.

I’m No Hero – originally televised 6-20-50
Starring Hume Cronyn, Cara Williams, Mark Roberts, Dennis O’Keefe
A doctor and his family are awakened in the middle of the night by a small gang of thugs, one of which is shot in the gut. Now the doctor is forced to help, while trying to protect his family from the dangerous intruders.


A Pocketful of Murder – originally televised 9-5-50
Barry Nelson, Don Hamner, Cara Williams, Elliot Sullivan, Pat McVety, Jack Warden
A man on trial for the murder of his wife meets with a reporter in his cell and professes his innocence. The reporter upsets the man, and begins to slander him in his articles. Once acquitted, the man threatens to kill the reporter, if only with the most carefully chosen words.

The Mallet – originally televised 12-12-50
Walter Slezak, Cara Williams, Michael Shepley
A traveling “magic tonic” salesman travels through England having run-ins with the locals in every town he goes through, all the while being pursued by two officers from the famed Scotland Yard.

Go Home Dead Man – originally televised 4-3-51
Jackie Cooper, Maria Riva, Viola Roache, George Matthews, Louis Hector
A pilot in post-war Scotland, flies mystery cargo to an unknown destination. He starts to feel uneasy about it, so he decides to quit. His employers decide that he is now a loose end that needs tying up.

Pier 17 – originally televised 12-18-51
Paul Langdon, Lawrence Fletcher, Walter C. Brown
After a series of explosions rock the waterfront due to sabotage, a longshoreman goes to work to find his entire crew at odds with one another. The jitters really set in when a new man is discovered to be an undercover G-man.

The Spider – originally televised 1-15-52
Arnold Moss, Olive Deering, Charles Cooper, Helen Carew, Ramseg Williams
A naturalist descends into the everglades to find a rare bird; she gets disoriented and becomes lost after dusk. Frightened, she discovers a luxurious cabin in the middle of the marshland, with a very strange man that lives within.

The Red Signal – originally televised 1-22-52
Tom Helmore, Beatrice Straight, Peter Cookson, Noel Leslie, Isobel Elsom
A group of socialites has a medium attend their dinner party. Most of the guests treat it with tongue-in-cheek humor, but a couple of people become somewhat unhinged due to her warnings of danger.

Death Drum – originally televised 1-29-52
Herbert Berghof, Ian Keith, Maria Riva, Wright King
In Nazi-occupied France, a traitor who has turned in members of the French underground for execution is forced to go on the run. While hiding out in a foreign land, he must deal with his own guilt and avoid the spies that have been dispatched to kill him.

North of Shanghai – originally televised 2-12-52
Thomas Mitchell, Robert H. Harris, Dorothy Peterson, George K. Leong
In 1949 communist China, Dr. Morgan M.D., a surgeon who is also attempting to introduce Christianity to the populous, acts as a spy for the west. The medical missionary is well received, that is, until the Red Army closes in on the city.

Night Drive – originally televised 2-26-52
Neva Patterson, Robert H. Morris, Robert Keith Jr.
A woman and companion travel by horse-drawn carriage to pick up her husband who is arriving from a long business trip. To reach their destination, they must travel through the woods where a woman was brutally murdered the year before, and the killer was never caught.


Four Days To Kill – originally televised 3-11-52
Joseph Buloff, Robert Keith Jr., Robert Emhardt, Lewis Charles
A hoodlum named Johnny is hired to go to Cuba to eliminate a member of the mob. The table turns, when the mark uncovers the plot, and it’s a race to see who can kill whom first.

Her Last Adventure – originally televised 8-19-52
Arlene Francis, Lloyd Bridges
A wealthy spinster leaves her home and all of her possessions to wed a younger man she barely knows. She moves into his mansion in the dark, eerie, and isolated woods. While exploring the house, she goes into the cellar to return a misplaced shovel, only to find the body of a young woman buried under the coals.

The Old Lady of Bayeux – originally televised 9-2-52
Louis Van Rooten, Edgar Stehill, Nicole Stephan
A wealthy woman dies suddenly of natural causes leaving half of her fortune to a female friend. A detective conducting a routine check of the situation goes to the mansion where she was vacationing with her estranged family. All seems normal until there are more mysterious deaths.

Set-Up For Death – originally televised 9-23-52
Mary Sinclair, Robert Keith Jr., Robert Emhardt
A reputed mobster is released from prison and wants to go straight, but the mob, of course, has other plans.

The Blue Panther – originally televised 10-14-52
Phyllis Brooks, Eric Rhodes, Michael Strong, Bruce Gordon
A private detective is hired to guard a rare painting on loan to a private gallery. On his night off, a thief makes off with not only the painting but also a diamond necklace from a patron as well.

A Time of Innocence – originally televised 12-2-52
Thomas Mitchell, Pat Hitchcock, Guy Spavill, Louise Larabee, Doris Roberts
A kind-hearted pharmacist struggles living with his arrogant wife who foolishly spends his money on her frivolous pursuits, and obnoxious friends. After telling her he wants a divorce, he begins an affair with his secretary. They decide to leave the country, but the police find his wife’s body.

Mutiny Below – originally televised 2-3-53
Eddie Albert, Murray Hamilton, Cameron Prud’Homme, Glen Charles Gordon
Albert is an engineering chief aboard a cargo ship bound for Australia. One of the crew finds a newspaper article stating a famous jewel thief is on the run heading for the exact same destination. So, they all start pointing fingers at each other.


F.O.B. Vienna – originally televised 4-28-53
Walter Matthau, Jayne Meadows, Mike Kellin, Robert Webber
Businessman Lawrence Stevens gets caught up in a ring of communist freight smugglers in Vienna but gets help from a woman writing a story for the press on the smuggling ring.

The Man Who Cried Wolf – originally televised 6-9-53
Martin Brooks, Marian Winters, David Stewart, Logan Ramsey
A Russian embassy worker living in Mexico intercepts a message that he is to be sent back to Moscow for suspicion of treason. The charges are true, now he and his family are on the run from the secret police.

The Dance – originally televised 7-28-53
Starring John Baragrey, Katharine Baird, June Walker
A young woman falls in love with an engaged man. When she discovers his fiancé kissing another man, it adds to the dilemma. Later, during a dance, the cheating fiancé is found lying dead on the powder room floor.

Nightmare at Ground Zero – originally televised 8-18-53
O.Z. Whitehead, Louise Larabee, Calvin Thomas, Lonnie Chapman, Pat Hingle
Written by Rod Serling. An even-tempered man decides he can no longer put up with his nagging wife and plots to have her blown up at the atomic test site he works at. But can he actually go through with it?

The Hunted – originally televised 6-29-54
Ward Bond, John Kerr, Jane Du Frayne, Steve Parker
A game warden catches a young man hunting in a game preserve. The warden decides he will teach the young man a lesson he will never forget when he turns the tables and sets the young man out into the night to be hunted.

The Funmaster – originally televised in 1958
Keenan Wynn, Timmy Everett, Molly McCarthy, Bert Freed
A teenage couple wanders into a closed amusement park and find themselves
being held captive by an angry employee of the park who just got fired from
his job.

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