The Samuel Fuller Collection in October


The Samuel Fuller Collection
October 27th
Retail: $79.95, Our: $59.99
It Happened in Hollywood (1937), Adventure in Sahara (1938), Power of the Press (1943), Shockproof (1949), Scandal Sheet (1952), The Crimson Kimono (1959), Underworld U.S.A. (1961)
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Could Sony be the new Warner? Their latest announcement, The Samuel Fuller Collection, is set with a release date of October 27th. The seven-disc set features seven all new-to-DVD titles (above).

Details are still a little sketchy, but we know it'll retail for $79.95. However, it's available at for only $59.99. Bonus features expected are:

  • Martin Scorsese on Underworld U.S.A
  • Cutis Hanson: The Culture Of The Crimson Kimono
  • Sam Fuller's Search For Truth
  • Sam Fuller Storyteller

More details to come...

With this release, the announcement of The William Castle Film Collection, the recently released Screwball Comedy sets and two expected film noir sets, Sony has quickly become a prolific producer of classic films on DVD. Warner, the once far and away leader, will likely be out-paced by Sony in the second half of 2009.

NOTE: Wanna know who's putting out the most classics by studio? Stay informed with our quarterly DVD Release Score Card which will post in early October.

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