WARNER ARCHIVE: Our Gang, Joe McDoakes and More

Hurry! Hurry! And I do mean HURRY over to WBShop right now as they have two brand new sets listed at super low prices. Whether they'll be available at such a low price for long is unknown, but they have now listed both titles below for only $19.95 each.

  • Our Gang Comedies - 52 Shorts (1938 - 1942, 5 Disc Set)
  • 63 Joe McDoakes Shorts (6 Disc Set)

Many other new titles are listed and we'll have more on them and the titles above as soon as they permanently become part of the WB site. They will be availble for rent at that time.

EDITORIAL NOTE: It is a little disappointing that Warner doesn't deem the Our Gang set worthy of a general release. But at $19.95, it seems hard to complain.


  1. David- went searching for the Joe McDoakes set, but don't see it or Our Gang listed? Am I looking in the wrong place on the Warner's Archive? I've looked under every heading they have.

  2. J.C.,

    I figured as much. Hence the Hurry! They've removed them, but as is the pattern with WBStore, they'll probably be listed permanently in a couple of weeks.

    We haven't order them yet, but I know of at least one member who was able to order both yesterday.


  3. Thanks David. I will keep checking then. I was hoping they would package the McDoakes shorts in a set- so I will keep looking.