Tales of Wells Fargo - The Best of the Final Season in October

Tales of Wells Fargo - The Best of the Final Season in Color
October 20th
Timeless Media
Retail: $69.98, Our: $44.99
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Not quite able to put a full final season together, probably due to lack of available elements, Timeless Media has announced Tales of Wells Fargo - The Best of the Final Season in Color. The 6-disc "Best of" collection will contain 22 of the final season's 34 episodes and street on October 20th.

Great guest stars include: Eddie Albert, Dean Jones, George Kennedy, Alan Hale Jr., Howard Keel, Dan Duryea, Whit Bissell and Debra Paget. With William Demarest and Jack Ging joining the cast as regulars.

It will retail for $69.98, but is available at ClassicFlix.com for only $44.99. Conplete details, including bonus features, are below.

In the rough and tumble Old West before the railroad, making sure the mail, payroll and passengers got through hostile, untamed country by stage coach was a full-time job for Agent Jim Hardie of Wells Fargo. Famed for his skills not only as a detective who was seldom out-witted, Hardie was also known as 'the left-handed gun' for his skill with a Colt .45, traveling the by-ways and outposts of the West safe-guarding the property of his employer, and the lives of the passengers who rode Wells Fargo stages.

Tales of Wells Fargo was brought to life in the person of Dale Robertson (Iron Horse, Dynasty), the iconic western actor whose narration and on-camera presence as Agent Jim Hardie gave the Tales of Wells Fargo charm and realism. He was joined week after week by the cream of Hollywood and television actors, in tightly scripted stories of life in the mid 1800's American West.

Robertson is joined by a cast of regulars, including William Demarest (My Three Sons), Jack Ging (The A-Team), and a neighboring widow and her two daughters, who provide a bit of love interest for Agent Hardie!


  • Casket 7.3 - Guest starring Howard Keel, Norman Leavitt
  • The Dodger - Guest starring Claude Akins, Phillip Carey
  • Treasure Coach - Guest starring Robert Vaughn, Jocelyn Brando
  • Death Raffle - Guest starring Paul Bryar, Gary Clarke


  • Tanoa - Guest starring Iron Eyes Cody, Richard Hale, Hal Needham
  • Mr. Mute - Guest starring Vito Scotti, Lane Bradford
  • Jeremiah - Guest starring X. Brands, Margarita Cordova
  • A Fistful of Pride - Guest starring Eddie Albert, Ed Nelson


  • Defiant at the Gate - Guest starring Gloria Talbot, L.Q. Jones
  • Man of Another Breed - Guest starring Debra Paget, Willis Bouchey
  • Kelly's Clover Girls - Guest starring Scotty Morrow, Virginia Fields
  • A Killing in Calico - Guest starring Dean Jones, Patricia Breslin


  • Trackback - Guest starring Morgan Woodward, John Cliff
  • Moneyrun - Guest starring Michael Ansara, Phil Chambers
  • Return to Yesterday - Guest starring Jason Robards, Sr., Yvette Vickers
  • Reward for Gaine - Guest starring John Doucette, John Anderson


  • Assignment in Gloribee - Guest starring Rod Cameron, George Kennedy
  • Incident at Crossbow - Guest starring Marshall Bradford, Allen Jaffe
  • Portrait of Teresa - Guest starring William Fawcett


  • Hometown Doctor - Guest starring Richard Long, Red Morgan
  • The Gold Witch - Guest starring Allen Hale, Jr., Whit Bissell
  • Winter Storm - Guest starring Dan Duryea, Boyd Stockman


  • Exclusive Interview with Dale Robertson
  • Skullduggery in Samantha
  • Diamond Jim
  • Dale Robertson TV Pilot

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