WARNER ARCHIVE: Some Out, Some In - Maybe...

Sometimes you just shake head. It isn't bad enough that Warner's WBShop is as slow as molasses on a cold day, but they can't even keep their database straight as they've again removed titles that were listed briefly on their site.

I'm referring to the ten Warner Archive titles we listed yesterday (HERE). WBShop has now removed all ten from their site. This is not the first time this has happened. It happened with a wave in the spring, and also with Mammy. The spring wave came back a few weeks later, while Mammy has yet to reappear.

We'll still have them on the site and available to put in your queue with the expectation that they'll come back soon.

There are 7 new titles listed on their site, but we'll wait a few days before we enter them in the database to give Warner time to make up their minds.

They are:

  • Colorado Territory
  • Crime School
  • Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
  • The Male Animal
  • The Strawberry Blonde
  • The Unsuspected
  • The Verdict

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